Use WASD or ARROWKEYS to move.

Jump with W or UP

Press SPACE to fling the other character towards you, to then change to that character.

Toss yourself to the top! 


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Very fun mechanic with the rope flinging. For some reason UP key doesn't work for me, so I had to use WASD to get around which just feels a bit harder than just using arrow keys, but other than that it worked just fine.

Crazy mechanic! I really would have liked to have been able to customize the controls (but this is definitely not something I expect from a jam game) because I kept hitting either AS&D or QW&E instead of AW&D. I really enjoyed it, though. Graphics are super cute, too!

Ah, didn’t even think about weird keyboards. Any reason you didn’t just use the arrowkeys? Either way, I hope it didn’t hurt your experience too bad.

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned that in my review. Left & right arrow keys work for me, but up doesn't seem to do anything.

The rope fling feels sooo good! A really interesting mechanic!

Thank you, I’m super happy with how punchy the fling feels :)

Interesting mechanic with a well tuned difficulty spike, nice job! Would be nice as some sort of infinite runner game.

Thanks you! Thought about an infinite runner too. Might get around to making it soon